Story of bravery and the uprise.

In ancient times, the brave took care of the people.
They stood tall and fought to protect their home and take what they wanted.
They fought like Spartans and were fearless like the shadows.
These people were undaunted, and they were praised for it.
Since most of the people were scared in the town they lived in, some had to go out and get what they needed.
If it was not for those brave and undaunted people, our lives would have been different.
We wanted to show our gratitude to those who stand up and get shit done.
We choose to celebrate them and compliment their undaunting look.
The people who look fear in the eyes and smirk.
Those people who are not afraid of the devil and will fight him if get the chance.

You deserve the world because you conquered your fears.
You deserve to be recognized and show that nothing scares you.
You are not afraid to break bones and find treasures.
That's where we come in.

We have created jewelry and watches that show that you are fearless and ruthless.
They show that you are a bad ass and that you are a master of your fears.
They compliment your style and your way of living.
This is our way to show our gratitude trough bad ass jewelry and watches.

This is our invite to you to join our family of the undaunted.


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